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This site was created as a resource center for students in courses currently taught by Dr. James Braukmann at Eastern Washington University. Dr. B teaches in Design (formerly Engineering and Design). As each term progresses, weekly assignments, handouts, copies of class presentation documents, and files to be used in projects, will be added.



Contact Information
Dr. James Braukmann
Room 125 CEB by appointment

general design resources
RGB Color Wheel and Additive and
  Subtractive Colors

Color Schemes Based on the RGB
   Color Wheel

Tints Shades and Tones in HTML
Web-safe Colors

Adding Sound to a Web Page
Sound Waveforms
Digital Sound Files
Digital Sound Recording

Multi-Cultural Color Schemes
Basic Principles of Graphic Design
Logo Design Example
Letterforms as Positive and
   Negative Elements


Center for Digital Design and Development resources
Kootenai Web-Ready Images JB
Idaho Images JB
Grant County Images JB
Grant County Images Dept Tourism
Grant County Images BK
Pend Oreille Co Images JB
Walla Walla Images JB
Grant County 2015 JB
Spokane 2015 JB

Recent Travel Photography
Thailand North
Thailand South
Israel Jordan
Austrailia - New Zealand