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Spring Quarter 2024  
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what we will do

This course provides in-depth experience in digital sound production techniques and related hardware and software, including setting up accurate monitor systems, live and studio recording techniques, multi- track mixing, mastering, and the design and creation of sound tracks, including music, to support and enhance typical media productions. Group and individual projects will be required. Recording live performances requires structured time outside of class.

The course will meet for three and a half hours per week of lecture, critiques and guided interactive demonstrations, and approximately two hours per week for field or laboratory work, often guided. For class projects, microphones and studio hardware will be supplied. Access to a sound studio will be arranged.

Students are expected to be able to use typical digital audio workstation software (certain freeware is acceptable), and to have access to a computer with such software installed. Additionally, students will need to have available, professional headphones or monitor systems. Please consult the instructor, as most consumer headphones tend to produce poorly balanced audio mixes.



 Supporting Files

module 0 introduction

download sites
Waveform DAW
Reaper DAW
Reaper Themes
Davinci Resolve
Davinci Resolve software downloads
REW Room Acoustics

Sunny Day Allen Stone

module 1 listening
blank recording data sheet
nearfield monitors introduction
nearfield monitors article
Test Tones
Listen and Compare
Behringer DEQ2496 Manual

module 2 studio voice
Mackie Big Knob Manual
studio microphone primer
voice over scripts web site -VAW

module 3 live field recording
stereo microphone techniques JB
stereo microphone techniques HR
EWU Music Events Schedule
EWU Recital Hall Schedule

DECCA Recording Examples
horowitz example piano
case study - 2 guitars
case study - bass sax drums
case study - big band jazz
case study - brass ensemble
case study - choir practice
case study - piano
case study - piano and singer
case study - piano bass sax vocal
case study - Brubeck Take 5

module 4 studio multi-track
30th st. Studio Take Five example
Take Five Em Waveform Archive
Take Five Ebm Waveform Archive


module 5 professional standards
Clean Speech Audio Editor

module 6 film sound
case study - Les Mes
case study - blues band
article: low budget location recording
article: sound design part 1
article: sound design part 2
article: designing a movie for sound
article: post production overview
pp sound design in film
pp sound design process
handout - film sound editing

project files: Assignment Video
project files: King Kong Sample

module 7 mxing
bmw blues raw tracks
mercury blues example
mixing notes handout

module 8 immersive

Zoom Ambisonic Player for Mac (ZIP)
Rode Soundfield Download Mac-Win
Reaper DAW Download Mac-Win