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Spring Quarter 2010  
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what we will do

This course provides in-depth experience in digital sound creation and editing techniques, along with related hardware and software. Topics include live and studio recording techniques, multi-track project recording, mixing and mastering, and the design and creation of sound tracks, including music, to support and enhance typical media productions. Collaborative and individual projects will be required.



week 1
assignment sheet 1
nearfield monitors introduction
nearfield monitors article
studio microphone primer
stereo microphone techniques JB
stereo microphone techniques HR

assignment sheet 2
link to compressed VO file JB

week 3
assignment sheet 3

week 4
assignment sheet week4
recording a piano
listening sample1-2mic-Bolivar
sample2-2mic-Barbara Dane
sample6-Southwind of Summer

week 5
horowitz example piano
30th st. example combo
bmw blues raw tracks
mercury blues example
mixing notes handout


week 7
assignment study sheet
pp sound design in film
pp sound design process
handout - film sound editing
project files: The Chase

week 8
pp sound design technical issues
There will be a quiz this Wednesday on the sound design study questions on the wk7 assignment sheet.

week 9
assigment sheet
VO and ADR notes
mastering and file type notes

week 10
final study guide doc pdf
The final exam is scheduled for Wednesday June 2 at 2 PM.