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Winter Quarter 2011  
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what we will do

In this course, students have the opportunity to develop portfolio quality work and to present that work in a final presentation with industry professionals. Emphasis is placed upon content development, problem solving, formal solutions, statements of objectives, self-analysis, interview planning and presentation. Weekly in-depth critique sessions will provide students the opportunity to give and receive feedback, demonstrate progressions, discuss problems and elucidate processes. This is an advanced class. Students must have at least three previous projects that will serve as the focus of revisions during this course.



Note the following is tentative. Details may be changed.
week 1

Bring at least three potential projects that you could develop.
Read the text pages 9-23.
Read the critique guidelines.
week 2
Bring your first project, mounted.
Read in the textbook: Presenting a Print Portfolio p40, and Student Print Portfolios p114.
Read Making Your Own Luck.
Answer these four questions. and bring them to class on Wednesday.
week 3
Bring two letterhead and business card designs and explain how they correspond to your self assissment. In-class notes
week 4
Monday bring your project #1 revision #3 for the class critique assissment.
Wednesday bring basic research on three actual businesses that you would consider for a job. Have read Job Hunting pp46-51 . Also bring your updated letterhead and business card for presentation (mounted).
week 5
Monday, bring your project #2, mounted, for the first group critque. Have read: DesignSalary.pdf. Also check out AIGA's recent salary survey for the jobs you will be seeking. For Wednesday, bring a draft copy of your resume and an introductory letter, both on your letterhead (color not necessary)  Have read: Presentation Boxes Cases and Portfolios, and Professional Print Portfolios Promotions. (Links next column...)


links to the resume article and Braukmann's resume checklist.
brief intro to cover letters
good examples at coverletters.com
good example of a graphic designer cover letter and resume
from the AIGA ten common cover letter mistakes
week 6
For Monday, bring your second project, mounted for the second critique. Have read The Selling Portfolio.
week 7
Monday bring your leave-behind portfolio comps for critque.For Wednesday, bring your third project, revision 1.
Have identified a case that you will use for the final presentation.
For next week have read the smashingmagazine.com article and researched the featured sites at designm.ag site. Answer: why are they "favorites"?
week 8
Be prepared to answer impressively any of the first list of sample interview questions (next Monday). list 1 interview questions.
top five interview questions.
list 2 interview questions
week 9-10
Please bring your third project mounted. Be ready to show the class your web page design.