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Fall Quarter 2011  
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what we will do

This course covers professional methods for conceptualizing, designing and producing information for the Internet. Students design and produce web pages incorporating text, image and audio.

In this course, students will have an introduction to HTML and XHTML, and a grounding in CSS. An emphasis is placed on "hand coding" for the first part of the course, and students will be required to write precise basic HTML and CSS code examples without aids. The second half of the course will utilize editing software for both code and graphics.

Design topics will be introduced throughout the course, and there will be a final small-group web-site design projet.



Note the following is tentative. Details may be changed.
week 1

Week 1 assignments updated
Web reading HTML
Web reading XHTML
W3C validation
Introductory PowerPoint
Homely notes
sun1, smallsun sample images

week 2 - 3
Week 2 assignments - Due 11th
Intro CSS PowerPoint
Keywords PowerPoint
Effective links notes
Old HTML assignment files
Centering gage example
Photoshop notes part 1

week 4
Week 4 assignments
TripSmart catalog files
WizardWorks site files
Page ranking tips: keywords
Tractor guy
Styling tables
Styling links
Good page checklist 1
Basic visual design rules

week 5
Week 5 assignments
SR mockup files
Clearing style defaults
Intro to the RGB color wheel
Intro to color schemes
Intro to hexidecimal color
Color exercise start file


week 6
Week 6 assignments
Intro to Photoshop notes
Images for site design
CSS positioning notes
CSS positioning examples 1
Rollover disappearing graphic
Rollover shifting graphic
Rollover shifting background
Variation on shifting background

week 7
Week 7 assignments
WizardWorks assign and Dreamweaver notes
WizardWorks files for LAB

week 8
Week 8 assignments
Site design planning PP
Design Steps and Wireframes
Critical questions for clients
The connotations of colors
Quiz on Nov 17 (Thursday) - Topics in assignment sheet.

week 9 and 10
Week 9 presentation guide
Form code and design notes 1
Form code and design notes 2
Form demo 1
Form demo 2
Form demo in a table
CSS for printing notes
Quiz 4 Key
Quiz 3 Key
Quiz 2 Key

The last day to turn in assignments is Friday, Dec 2.

Our final exam is scheduled for 4 - 6 P.M. on Thursday Dec 8.