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what we will do

This introductory course teaches beginning and intermediate photographers how to improve their photographic technique and to use digital cameras for effective visual communication.

Using their own digital cameras, students practice professional shooting strategies and produce practical, creative photo assignments bi-weekly.

Students will use image-editing software for creatively improving communication, composition, tone and color, focusing on the basic tools and techniques most valuable to the digital photographer. All the images in daily assignments can be edited in professional imaging software to recompose, resize, crop, color correct and sharpen.

Topics include camera operation and theory, useful file formats, composition basics, composing within the frame, using natural available and artificial lighting, texture, shape, form, and line in the photograph, framing, useful tonal ranges, digital darkroom tech-niques, repair and retouching, compositing, portraiture, scenic and nature photography, action photography, close-up photography, and shooting products.



Assignment and resource files will be added or updated weekly.

week 1 resources

assignment 1 & study guide
powerpoint course introduction
technical photography introduction
camera discussion images
exposure discussion images
balance discussion images
rhythm discussion images
focal length discussion images

harbor in San Francisco
science building
sr project presenter
woman blue dress painting
old city gate, christmas girl
bride and children

assignment 2 & study guide
example exposure collage
Assigned book tutorial images
Assigned images 12a, 12b, 12c

powerpoint action pictures
powerpoint good pictures
clip and tone demo images
white balance discussion images
tone demo images
A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K

week 2 resources

assignment 3 & study guide
powerpoint macro photography
macro example images
powerpoint non-destructiove edits
Assigned book tutorial images
RAW tonal fixer1, fixer2

dry falls, dry falls sky, Stalin building
woods, oaksdale

week 2 assignment 2 & study guide
powerpoint color adjustments
powerpoint culture and travel
photographing fireworks

assigned images to color correct (5)
girl Reading, Athens, Braukmann,
Cup, Bonus > Log House, Republic
   The Parthenon is not gray!

color correction In-class practice
young girl, girls, two kids, GU color, HPPV, color guides
RAWs: store, Kootenays, Corfu
natural lighting example images
powerpoint notes on natural lighting

useful links

Long's online resources
Braukmann's image copies
manuals for loaner cameras


week 3 resources

week 3 assignment 1 & study guide
assigned image: woman
portrait lighting handout
powerpoint on portraiture

web recources
3-point lighting tutorial Lincostore
portrait lighting Adorama TV

example images
needs haircolor
needs glow
needs wide eyes
needs wrinkles minimized
needs blemishes removed
needs blemishes removed 2
needs tatoo removed
needs a smile
needs to lose weight
needs different sweater
notes on retouching

ethics of photo manipulation
photographers' rights

week 4 resources

week 4 assignment 1 & study guide
powerpoint on product photography
backgrounds for product placement

examples of student product images

images for composites
little jack, kitten, desk, woman, room, man, alley, motorcycle

notes on woman in room (hair)
notes on man in alley composite

week 4 assignment 2 & study guide
tutorial on selective sharpening
powerpoint on scenic photography
powerpoint on noise reduction

images for sharpening and noise
flower, opera house, desert mount, color noise, car, Heidi

assigned images
black and white tree image
ron miles image
portrait image

quiz 2 will be on Thursday at 2:00. Here is a summary of all the possible questions.


Required Textbook:
Complete Digital Photography, 8th ed., Author: Ben Long