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Spring Quarter 2018  
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what we will do

This course provides a foundation in the techniques of sound design, recording, production, and editing, for digital audio media. Students will understand the physics of sound, audio and audio editing terminology, and the digital processes used to transform sound. Students will both create and record sound files, and edit and produce a variety of multimedia audio elements using typical digital technology. Applicable uses include sound tracks for video/film, multimedia products for promotion and learning, musical entertainment products, web site enhancements, games, and virtual worlds.

Students will understand what makes a professional recording sound good, what to do if it sounds bad, and how to record sound correctly and eliminate noise, distortions and nasty room-effects.

Students will also create, or "design",sounds in software, apply processing effects such as EQ and compression, mix multi-track recordings, and produce audio products using current digital hardware and software.

Academic Integrity Policy. Academic integrity is the cornerstone of the university. Any student who attempts to gain unfair advantage over other students by violating the Academic Integrity Policy, may be reported to the university, and may receive serious sanctions.



No textbook is required. Web resource links will be provided, along with weekly study/review questions. (A recommended text to accompany the course is: Modern Recording Techniques by David Miles and Robert E Runstein.)

Note that the following links are likely to change, and the content updated, week to week.

week 1
assignment sheet week 1
   Original ocean storm sound
   Instructions for ocean storm
   Shiver Our Timbers dialog

pp Course intro
animated intro to sound
pp Sound intro updated
pp Decibels Envelope Overtones
Braukmann's First Audacity Demo

web Reading 1: Room Acoustics
Reading 2: Studio Setup SOS Guide
Reading 3: Acoustic Treatment
Optional: Evaluating Headphones

installing LAME

week 2
assignments week 2
example sample of assignment 1
Sinatras for assignment 2
pp dB and envelope
pp EQ and reverb
pp Psychoacoustics
braukmann's assignment dialog

web Reading 2:
Audacity tutorial virtual room
Audacity's Reverb Tool
audio processing EQ and reverb
using equalization

animated intro to digital sound
visual notes EQ and reverb

examples: beats
examples: clipping
examples: formants Female
examples: formants Male
examples: decibel changes -1+1-2+2+3 dB
reminder: There will be a quiz on Tuesday, April 17 over all the study questions in the week 1 assignment sheet.

week 3
assignment sheet week 3
1. Furnace noise assigned
2. Waitress recording assigned
3. Thump and cough assigned
4. Squeaky door noise assigned
5. Ad dialog assigned
pp Noise Reduction
general noise reduction notes
using Audition for noise notes
EQ notes
the recording process
pp microphones and cables

Demo: Drum Track, Silent Sound With Latch

week 4
assignment sheet week 4
web Reading 1: Shure Home Rec
web Reading 2: Avoiding Distortion
web Reading 3: Microphone Types
demo moving the mic around
demo close or far mic location
Starwars sound effects
intro to digital sound
intro to sound design

example of envelope description
examples: Room Sounds in Recordings

weeks 5 - 6
assignment sheet
Studio One and mixing notes
pp Intro to mixing
mixing style examples
pp compressors
JB EQ compressing notes
typical compression settings

tracks for in-class mixing
Lullaby of Birdland tracks
Tears in the Rain tracks

Nora Jones example mix in Nashville style Sunrise
Brady Bunch commercial example
New York pop mix examples

assignments 2 and 3 - pick two...
  Eliza Jane unmixed sample
  Eliza_Jane 16 tracks 

  Christmas blues unmixed sample
  Christmas Blues 11 tracks 

  Turn On Me unmixed sample
  Turn On Me 16 tracks 

  If You Say unmixed sample
  If You Say 16 tracks 

  Much Too Much unmixed sample
  Much Too Much 15 tracks 

Tokyo Dawn Free Plugins


week 7
Assignment sheet week 7
voiceover demos
voiceover scripts
voiceover background music pads
voiceover on-line resource

Personal project criteria

week 8
assignment sheet week 8
pp Music Intro
music theory summary sheet JB
creating a constant tempo mix
4/4 Blues E   4/4 A   3/4 Waltz
4/4 Blues syncopated   5/4 Ebm

Songs for assignment 3a
  Wagon Wheel
  Feel a Whole Lot Better
  kick drum 8 beats

qwerty keyboard recording with
  Studio One
classical music for soundtracks
Braukmann's lecture notes

week 9 - 10
assignment sheet week 9
John Henry narration MP3 WAV
1850 Hits O Suzanna-Camptown
You Can't Get Out script

soundmap PDF Excel Example
music cookbook notes
qwerty keyboard recording with
  Studio One
moody background music:
  Classical music   Modern music

pp sound design
pp music design
pp sound In film technical details
Intro to sound editing in film

MIDI notes
notes on audio file formats

web Reading 1: Mastering SLab
web Reading 2: Mastering RMag
mastering and publishing notes
recording log sheet - tracks

We will have a final quiz at 3:30 on Tuesday June 12. Here is the complete study guide.

All assignments must be turned in by 9:00 pm on Saturday June 9. The FTP password will be changed on June 10. If you need to get a copy of some of your files after that date, simply use the student folders link and right-click on the file you want.