Monitoring and Room Acoustics

Room Acoustics for Home Audio - Crutchfield -

Acoustics/Basic Room Acoustic Treatments - WikiBooks -

Monitoring: Room for Improvement - Recording Magazine -

Noise Reduction

Noise Reduction Tools and Techniques - Sound on Sound

Short-duration-noise removal with Audition:

In-depth noise removal strategies with Audition - various types of noise- Sengstack -

Plug-ins: Equalization, Reverb and Dynamics

Audio Processing (Compression, EQ, Limiting, Reverb, Flange, Chorus) Media College -

Using Audacity Equalization (You Tube) -

Audio Equalization (Basic and Short) -
Media College -

Using Equalization (This may be off-line temporarily) - Sound on Sound -

EQ-img Vox (The voice) - Recording Magazine -

Compression Made Easy - Sound on Sound -

How a Compressor Really Works - Youtube

Multiband Dynamics (Advanced Compressors)- Recording Magazine -

Audacity Guide: Reverb -

Digital Reverb Explained - Retrosynth

Reverb - All Your Questions Answered - Sound on Sound (This may be off-line temporarily) -


Microphone Guide Sweetwater

Vocal Mic Choices (Budget) - Recording Magazine -

Choosing a Microphone: Types and Uses - Sound on Sound (This may be off-line temporarily)

Microphones for Video Production - DSLR

The Well-Balanced Mic Closet - Recording Magazine -

How to Choose a Microphone 101 - Shure Webinar (1 hour in-depth)


Mixing Essentials - Sound on Sound -

The Art and Science of the Mix - Recording Magazine -

The Solid Mix (Pop Music) - Recording Magazine -

Sound Mixer Tutorials - Media College -

Mastering - What is Mastering?- SoundLab -

What's Mastering All About? - Recording Magazine -


Introduction to Home Recording PDF - Shure

How to Prevent Distortion - Media College -

Microphone Positioning for Vocals - Shure -

Producing Professional Voiceovers At Home, Part 1 - Sound on Sound -

Microphone Technique - WikiBooks -

Recording The Spoken Voice - Sound on Sound - (This may be off-line temporarily)

Practical Tips on Vocal Recording - Part 1 - Recording Magazine -

Practical Tips on Vocal Recording - Part 2 - Recording Magazine -

20 Tips On Recording Vocals - Sound on Sound - (This may be off-line temporarily)

Audio for DSLR Cameras: XLR mics - Explora -

Recording Foley Sounds

For Your Future Projects

Microphone Positioning Techniques - Shure - with links to specific recommendations for types of instruments

Recording a Choir -Sound on Sound - (This may be off-line temporarily)

Recording a Choir - Sound on Sound -

Introduction to Recording and Sound Reinforcement PDF - Shure

Free Resources

LinPlug sound samples, for film scoring, that will load into their Spectral synthesizer -

Voxengo Free Good-Quality VST and AU plugins

Freeverb For Mac OS X

Online Tone Generator:

Audacity Manual: