Monitoring and Room Acoustics

Room Acoustics for Home Audio - Crutchfield -

Acoustics/Basic Room Acoustic Treatments - WikiBooks -
Monitor setup and Room Acoustics Studio Guide SOS Guide

Monitoring: Room Acoustics Fundamentals - Recording Magazine -
Note that, although the author is describing a control room that would be ideal for listening to mixes over loudspeakers, the same criteria apply to the room you record in. Notice especially the underlined content.

Recording Magazine has a series of useful articles accessed through the Resource menus at

Evaluating Headphones - - This is intended more for casual listeners rather than editors, and so they actually like extra bass. But they explain the fundamental characteristics well.

Noise Reduction

Audacity's Noise Reduction Tool - Audacity

Noise Reduction Tools and Techniques - Sound on Sound Magazine

Short-duration-noise removal with Audition:

In-depth noise removal strategies with Audition - various types of noise- Sengstack -

Plug-ins: Equalization, Reverb and Dynamics

Using Audacity Equalization (You Tube) -

Audio Equalization (Basic and Short) -
Media College -

Using Equalization - Sound on Sound Audio Processing (Compression, EQ, Limiting, Reverb, Flange, Chorus) Media College - Basic definitions and introduction

Audacity Guide: Reverb -

Digital Reverb Explained - Retrosynth

Use Reverb as a Pro - Using Reverb to improve a musical mix - Sound on Sound Magazine - how the proper reverb can knit together a mix; how to set up a common reverb track and use sends; how to use "wet" and "dry"; how a mix might benefit from more than one type of reverb; how to EQ reverb; how to use pre-delay, length, and level; when delay works better than reverb.

Audacity's Tempo Tool - Audacity

Audacity's Compressor - Audacity

How a Compressor Really Works - Youtube

Compression Made Easy Sound on Sound - a more advanced discussion with examples and great practical advice: How do the controls on different brands of compressors work? How much compression should you use? What are the right attack and release times? Notice especially the underlined content.

Multiband Dynamics (Advanced Compressors)- Recording Magazine - this is a great article to deepen your understanding of compressors, and explain the usefulness of this popular type of plugin. - Notice especially the underlined content.


Microphone Guide - A quick overview of microphone types, frequency response, patterns, diaphragm size, and most common uses - Sweetwater

Studio Microphones for All Budgets - Recording Magazine - Notice especially the underlined content.

Choosing a Microphone: Types and Uses - Sound on Sound - Notice especially the underlined content.

Microphones for Video Production - DSLR

Mic Basics: What is Frequency Response? - Shure Company

Microphone Techniques for Theatrical Productions: A Shure Webinar (59 minutes) Micing the stage and micing the performers


Producion Advice: Tracking, Mixing and Mastering - A short and accurate overview of the processes involved.

Sound Mixer Tutorials - Media College - Whether you are using a hardware mixer to record, or a software mixing metaphore for mixing your tracks on a computer, this explains what those controls do!

The Solid Mix - Recording Magazine - Starting with a typical set of pop/rock tracks, this is a great first tutorial. There is just enough detail to get you to a satisfactory mix. - Notice especially the underlined content.

Mixing Essentials - Sound on Sound - After reading The Solid Mix above, this excellent article will fill in details, reinforce fundamentals, and take you a "step up"

Mastering - What is Mastering?- SoundLab - Disk Makers


Introduction to Home Recording PDF - Shure

How to Prevent Distortion - Media College -

Microphone Positioning for Vocals - also review of microphone types, room preparation, comping (repeated takes), and typical compression, EQ and reverp post-processing - Shure -

Producing Professional Voiceovers At Home, Part 1 - Sound on Sound - the roles of producer, engineer, actor, director and editor, as well as a review of how to set up the microphone-

Microphone Technique - WikiBooks -

Recording Great Vocals from Home - Recording Magazine - A complete guide including setting up the space, mic types to consider, the use of typical effects such as EQ and compression, how to get the best performance from your talent, and how to "comp" (combine the best parts of several takes) - Notice especially the underlined content.

Audio for DSLR Cameras: XLR mics - Explora -

Recording Foley Sounds - An entertaining look at how Foley is done at Warner Brothers Studio - (6.5 minutes)

For Your Future Projects

Microphone Positioning Techniques - Shure - with links to specific recommendations for types of instruments

Recording a Choir -Sound on Sound - (This may be off-line temporarily)

Recording a Choir - Sound on Sound -

Introduction to Recording and Sound Reinforcement PDF - Shure

Free Resources

LinPlug sound samples, for film scoring, that will load into their Spectral synthesizer -

Voxengo Free Good-Quality VST and AU plugins

Very good free compressor and equilizer at Tokyo Dawn. Also see their clever Proximity free plugin

Online Tone Generator:

Audacity Manual:

Free object sounds (Sound Effects)